Taking care of your diecast model

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Taking care of your diecast model

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 09, 2015 12:43 pm

How to Take Care of Diecast Models
Just like with any other collectibles, it is essential to some time and effort in caring for your diecast model. By doing so, you make sure they are in unspoiled condition. Taking care of die cast models is easy as there are some tools that can help you keep your models in pristine condition. Here are some of them.
• Brushes
The brushes are ideal for dusting your diecast collection. They help you clean the interiors of the models and also clean up dried waxes in areas that are hard to reach. Ensure the brushes you use on your diecast models are soft and do not scrub excessively. You may end up breaking the weak sections or scratch the paint.
• Buffing Rags
When using buffing rags to buff your diecast collection, ensure they are purely made of cotton. The rags come in handy when applying wax to the models.
• Polishes and Waxes
Waxes and polishes are necessary items when taking care of diecast models. After purchasing a new model, it is advisable to apply a wax layer using a soft cotton cloth. The wax application glosses the model and aids in repelling dust. Remember not to spray wax directly on the model since the excess chemicals can dry up and gather in small unreachable corners.
Additionally, use waxes and polishes that are intended for use on clear coats and so not have any abrasives. When waxing, stay away from high spots, mirrors, trims painted in silver, chrome body trim edges and parts that are photo etched. You can wear cotton gloves to stop the oil on your hands from ruining the surface. Polish the outside area of the diecast models to keep them looking new bright and shiny. That way, dust, and dirt cannot adhere to any surfaces.
• Avoid Solvents
Do not use things like acetone to clean your diecast models as it softens the paint and you have to repaint your models later on. Also, do not use water when cleaning model. The water may have a high content of acid and with time it may attack your die cast model and form rust.
• Store the Diecast Models in a Display Case
For diecast model collectors, a display case is a worthwhile investment. It not only provides a great way to catalog and showcase your models, but it also offers protection. When you add a glass panel to the front area, you shield your diecast models from harsh environmental elements such as sunlight, extreme cold, and heat. You can insulate the storage space for your diecast models to prevent damage caused by temperatures that are too high or extremely low.

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